Where To Begin?

My super duper awesome cousin came to visit over the long weekend and to help me unearth my Dining Room.  It had become the dumping zone during the move and it was very, very scary.  So scary that I just couldn’t bear to clean it up alone.  I feared it would forever stay that way because I’d walk in there, and literally just turn around and leave.  It was B-A-D, but now it’s a Dining Room again.  Free of dog kennels, extra drapery, headbands, random towels, and a dead cockroach. I still have a few tiny piles of things to sort through and the garage to clean out, but for the most part, I’m unpacked!

Which means I might actually be able to start one of the many updating projects needed over here at The Little Stone House.  There is so much work to be done and it can be a little overwhelming deciding which area to tackle first, especially when new HVAC units, new gas lines and various plumbing repairs keep eating into the very little budget that I do have.  There are obvious areas that just wont happen for a while because they are cost prohibitive (kitchen remodel…master bath and closet remodel…and many others), but there are a handful of spaces that with a little ol’ blood, sweat and tears, The Mister and I could probably tackle them ourselves.  We aren’t really DIY-ers, but we are going to have to learn how to be with this house!  And since we plan to live here for many years, time is on our side.

I’m fairly certain the back hall will be the first space to fall victim to my becoming a DIY-er.  Wouldn’t you agree, or do you love vomit colored indoor/outdoor carpet, dingy baby blue painted walls and a truly ugly track fixture.  Doesn’t track lighting just scream English stone architecture!!  Sheesh…  I only walk through this hallway about 27,000x a day, and so it might greatly improve my attitude if it were prettier.

(yes, I see you Swiffer mop)

So on to some ideas floating around in my head (aka my New House Pinterest board).

Without a doubt, I know I want to recreate this for the walls of the back hall.  I adore this and already have a few empty frames and screens, so I’m on my way!  Just need to paint and hang the frames.

And looky here…I hung a few things I had hanging around just to see if I am going to like this idea.  I definitely think so!
Next up, lighting.  Because there is no true attic to speak of in this house, a flush mount fixture is what I need.

I really like this one, because I think it would look nice with the wall treatment, and the price is reasonable, but is it too nautical looking???  It’s a front runner though.

I could splurge on a single strip of Aldo Bernardi L’Impinato with two or three of either spot. 

I like these from Circa Lighting

And these too

A more industrial fixture from West Elm

Hmmm…maybe I should consider the flooring first?  There are lots of little spaces here created by numerous doorways, so I would prefer to add wood floors to tie into the main part of the house and the kitchen which also have wood floors.  But, I’m not sure I want to go to all that trouble and expense right now.  So perhaps a temporary selection?  And temporary meaning “mightbeforever” in our house.

Even though it’s hideous, our existing indoor/outdoor carpet is quite practical.  No worrying about dirty grout lines, easy to clean, relatively inexpensive.  Flor tiles would be fun?  Anyone ever used them?  Easy install, or so they claim.

(sorry about the picture quality…can’t make them bigger without being distorted.  Check out the last image via the link above.  Looks just like seagrass!)

I’ve even considered using VCT tiles.  Had them before in my laundry room and loved it.  Easy to maintain, endless patterns to create.

Or, brick pavers?  Loved this floor in a stationery store I visited in New Orleans recently (pardon my feet).  I’m not sure my skills are worthy enough to tile just yet, but I do really like this look.  Feels authentic to my house.

This one is beautiful too.  And I especially appreciate the dark grout, knowing that my floors would get alot of wear. 

As always, so much to consider.  I think I will tackle the walls first and see if that dictates what lighting and flooring I should choose.  The problem most definitely lies in the fact that I like so many different things.  I probably wouldn’t go wrong with any of these choices.  It’s the over-thinking on my part that makes it difficult!

What have you used in high traffic areas? Would you be willing to try something with a bold pattern in a smaller space. Something lively? Or keep it simple? Would love to know your thoughts.
So next weekend (gotta clean out the garage this weekend), I have a date with paint.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.  I’m sure there will be hilarious stories to tell…I’ve never, not once, painted. 

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. says

    You have awesome taste, so anything you do will look fabulous. But I know the hard part is in the deciding. I love brick floors, but that sounds like the most difficult option. Wonder what’s under that carpet? Hardwoods or just subflooring?

    Have you seriously never painted? You can SO tackle that! Not that I’ve painted a ton, but whati have done has been very satisfying!


  2. Anonymous says

    I would either bite the bullet and do the herringbone pavers (like in the magazine) or do more indoor/outdoor carpet for a few years. I know those are the 2 extremes, but…..
    And all the lighting is fabulous!! I’d close my eyes and pick one!

  3. says

    The first fixture (as you already know) I have in my pantry. I installed it without the wire part. I don’t love the fixture now that it’s been there awhile!

    I have the sienna flush mount from Circa in my back entry and love it.

    I LOVE the Clark fixture from Circa… love. I want one over my ktichen sink! I think Rachel from Nest Egg just installed these in her hall and they look great.

  4. says

    loving the brick entry so much and the picture with all the things on the walls!!! i can’t wait to see what you do with your house. it will be so fabulous – I’m sure!!!


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