What We’re Working on Wednesday

How about a little alliteration to end your day?  Or how about I just need an excuse to blog.  Whatever works, wright? (so funny like that, I am!)

To start off this new series, here is a glance at two super fun projects in progress. 

We are in the middle of a complete face lift to a sweet family’s entire upstairs.  Painting every square millimeter, all new flooring, new lighting, new hardware, new furnishings where needed and lots of goodies for the kids’ rooms.  The Master bedroom is going to be out of this world!  But for today, check out what a huge difference just the new mirrors have made!  More pictures to come next week after we complete this bathroom.

Earlier this week, we presented 4 preliminary design concepts for another family’s Playroom.  We are anxiously awaiting to hear which one they will choose!  Loved reading all your comments on IG and FB. We are keeping our favorite under wraps so as to not influence our clients’ decision, but whatever they choose, it’s going to be FANTASTIC! Which one would you choose?

(No judging please…because don’t we ALL have rooms like this in our lives?  Even if it’s not necessarily a room in the traditional sense of the word.)

We are also counting down the days til summer and til the arrival of Miss Mary Hays Gautreau, Jenny Johnston Interior’s first baby!  I am so excited for Laurie and her husband, Brandon. We just need her to not come early so Laurie can enjoy seeing the results of all her hard work on all of our projects that will wrap up here in the next few weeks.  So, see you soon, Mary Hays, but not before June 15th, ok?

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading and hope your Wednesday has been Wonderful!


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