Welcome Back, Laurie!

My sweet assistant, Laurie returned to work this week from maternity leave.  To say she was missed is a complete understatement!  After spending 4 days a week with her for just over a year, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.  Fortunately it was during Summer Break when things are a little more laid back, but I really did miss her gentle spirit and her excellent efficiency.  She keeps so much of the behind the scenes going around here and I am so grateful she’s willing to spend time again with me and our clients. 

But it was all worth it because MARY HAYS!  Oh my goodness she is a bundle of squishyness and we cannot get enough of her!  And please…could y’all be more beautiful?  Stop it already.

The beauty doesn’t stop there, though.   Baby Girl’s room is perfect and the natural light is dreamy.  Laurie did an excellent job designing and decorating the room, and we almost love hanging out in her space as much as we do loving on that little blob of deliciousness.

So how about a little nursery tour?  It’s too good not to share!

I’m so happy to share Mary Hays’ nursery with everyone.  The project was definitely a labor of love and my most favorite one yet. The inspiration for the room derived from the art print below. One of my best friends helped with the design and wrote Mary Hays’ name in calligraphy. I then had it printed at Mint Julep Paperie (who also made adorable matching thank you notes), and framed it at Shreve Frame and Clock Gallery. The bamboo frame is so pretty and I love that it ties in with the bamboo shades and side table I found at Caboose Antiques. I love using local businesses when possible.

You would not believe how long I mulled over these crib pillows and I’m not going to tell you either because you’d think I was crazy, but as Jenny has mentioned in a previous post, we LOVE pillows! 
When I had leftover fabric from the chair slipcover I knew I wanted to repeat it in the crib, but I changed up the stripes by having it mitered. The green pillow I got for $17 at World Market and just had a peach ribbon sewn on. The white pillow came with the Pottery Barn bedding. The monogrammed applique is one of my favorite things in the room. Every southern nursery needs a good monogram!  I love how they all look together. 

The Wisteria Gilt Mirror above the changing table was also a big inspiration for the room. I found it on sale and asked for it for Christmas before I even knew what we were having! I love how big it makes the space feel and the antique brass used throughout the room compliments it well. 

The antique dresser is great for storage and what’s even better is that we already had it! A quick chalk paint project, and adding the changing pad on top, has easily made this piece the most used in the nursery. 

I’m obsessed with the cute coral lamps I found online at Lamps Plus and Fun Fact about them: They give you pantone and Sherwin Williams paint colors, which makes the decision process so much easier. 

Instagram is responsible for bringing me to the talented and amazing artist, Katherine Jury, who created the beautiful coral and peach prints above the lamps. Check her out she’s great! 
How cute is that piggy rocker? My husband Brandon got that for Mary Hays and I’m so in love it! 

Another favorite is the beautiful antique children’s armoire.  My MeMe gifted it to us and thank goodness she did because the nursery doesn’t have a closet so this serves the space well for appeal and functionality. 

Finding an iron crib was harder than I thought it would be, but after going back and forth between two vendors I decided to go with this one and I’m so happy I did. Its simple and elegant frame was just what I wanted and I like that its gender neutral. 

For the curtains I wanted custom all the way, BUT the budget was tight so I ended up just getting faux silk white panels from a department store and I dressed them up with a pretty brass floral tie-back. Maybe down the road we can switch them out, but for now they work just fine.
The glider is a special piece of furniture in the room and it’s also seen a lot of action! Jenny was so kind to let us use her daughter Kate’s chair. We just had a slipcover made in a pretty peach Pindler and Pindler stripe and it fits the space perfectly, not to mention it’s super comfy.  The matching ottoman and pillow were the last things made for the nursery. They were completed just two days before Mary Hays’ due date and would you believe that my mom and I actually built that ottoman? That was a sight at 9 months pregnant…

And last, but not least, two very special walls full of precious gifts and memories. The leaning wall shelves (we painted peach) are decorated with my nephew’s cowboy boots, me and my husbands baby pictures, special artwork gifted to Mary Hays, and lots of great books we can’t wait to read to her.

The gallery wall includes two of our favorite newborn pics, a letter Brandon wrote to Mary Hays and a scanned and printed copy of her cute, little hospital foot prints. The bamboo peg rack came from a European Antique store, that I totally ordered online, and holds one of my favorite daygowns.
I’m so happy with how it turned out and I love knowing that many of the pieces can be carried over to her “big girl” room. I couldn’t have done it without bouncing ideas off of Jenny constantly, so thank you for your guidance! I know Mary Hays will enjoy it for many years to come!!
Wishing you all a happy weekend – Jenny & Laurie

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