Triple Dog Dare Ya!

I had a super fun meeting with a client and her husband today at his office.  His office is undergoing a little transformation and they asked me to help select new wallcovering, flooring and paint colors.  The changes they are making are subtle, but will really elevate the entire space.

During the walk thru, he showed me the kitchen.  It’s pretty small, but not terrible.  They are not fond of the floor at all, so that can definitely change.  Cabinet hardware and dated wallpaper can change too, thankfully.  Beyond those few areas, they didn’t really ask for any other suggestions except a new paint color for what little walls are in the space.  I’m fairly certain he didn’t ask for the following suggestion, but this is what he got, because I typically can’t keep my mouth shut when I’m excited about something:

him: “I’d like to bring some color into the kitchen.  Can we paint the walls?”

me: “Well, there really isn’t much wall space in here.  Doing that might make it feel a little choppy. What if the lacquer the whole space?  And what about a dark, moody navy color?”

him:  “Everything”

me:  “Yes, everything but the counter top, floor and backsplash. It would be so awesome!”

him:  “So everything would be navy?”

me:  “Practically.  It would be super cool.  Kind of glamorous.  Kind of modern.  Kind of out of your box. It would be fantastic!”

him:  “It’s all blue?”

And then just imagine a few more exchanges like the above where he stood stoically, taking it all in while I continued to spew superlatives at him like I was in 8th grade again.

And then, crickets…

So since I had not come to the meeting prepared to throw at him my crazy ideas, I emailed him the following pictures.

I know this look is not new, but does anyone else think I’ve lost my mind to suggest this to him?  I know I would do this in a heartbeat in my own house.  I love small, funky, spaces to test the waters.  Plus, I think I’m still crushing on this “lacking hue or brightness” color.

They are still pondering the idea and there is probably a bigger chance we won’t do it, and that is ok.  I completely get it.  They work there everyday, not me.  I just love it though when clients are willing to make bold design moves.

So what about you?  Any space in your home or office where you’d be willing to step out of your box?  Or would that one space just make you crazy…just can’t go there…afraid you couldn’t go back?  What ultimately holds you back?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Friday, yall!


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    The bottom line is…some clients get it and some don’t. Smart idea to follow up with the photos so they can envision what you had in mind. Also some people are visual but most are not…which is always hard directing a client to do something outside the box..I hope they go for it, it would be stunning and I would love to see the before and afters.

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    Jenny, I think it’s a cool idea. I actually am up for some design ideas myself. I have a 1910 farmhouse on 6 acres. I need exterior paint color ideas. I want to redo the kitchen color scheme. I also have a hall bathroom to completely redo.
    Any advice would be great! Where do you live now? I’d love to have you come out. We’re in New Ulm between Bellville & Brenham.

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