The New Joseph Guin Salon

I don’t consider myself much of a fashionista. I love to shop just as much as the next girl, but I’d rather be looking for the perfect mirror or a great old rug instead. I certainly appreciate beautiful clothes, I just don’t naturally want to spend my money there.

I might not be known as much of a beauty queen either. I think I’m still recovering from unfortunate hair styles and lipstick colors I chose to sport in my youth. Truly cringe-worthy. And although I love a mani/pedi, I have a hard time finding time to regularly go.

It’s apparent I need to find middle ground.

But the one thing I never ever ever miss is my hair appointment. It comes around every five weeks and I may have skipped chaperoning school field trips before because it was time for me to go see Joey.

I met Joey when I moved to Shreveport almost 7 years ago. My first friend here introduced me to him and I knew immediately he was the guy for me. Since then, Joey and I have become good friends. I suppose that happens often with your hair guy.  But more than what he does for my hair, I truly adore him. Joey is wise, witty, kind, has the most unique laugh, and loyal to a fault. 

And he always smells good.

We have also always enjoyed talking business stuff with each other. He’s kinda smart when it comes to that as well. When he told me about an old building in downtown Shreveport he bought and planned to renovate as a new location for his salon, I might have been more excited than he was!

Over the past 12 months, 711 Texas Street has been completely transformed. This historic building, formerly a grocery, a bank and more recently an extremely ugly office building is now the new location for the Jospeh Guin Salon. And y’all, it’s pretty fantastic!  Check it out!


Aside from a few overgrown bushes and a bit of an un-inviting front door, not too much changed on the outside.

The inside was a different story…it was dreadful.


HOORAY!!  Brick walls!


Isn’t it incredible?  I venture to say there’s not much else like it in The Shreve!

With more square footage, there is now space for 8 stylists, as well as an aesthetician and a massage therapist.  Lots of new faces for all you men downtown to walk in for a cut.  Mamas who are used to the former location in the heart of our stomping grounds, it took me seven, SEVEN, minutes to drive downtown last week.  It was no biggie, promise.  And if you just feel like taking a look for yourself, an open house is scheduled for this Friday beginning at 6:30.  They would love to show you around!

The new salon can be reached at 318.865.2525 and is located at the southeast corner of Common and Texas.  There is always reserved parking in the parking lot adjacent to the building.  Look for the signs.

Joey – you have worked your tail off making the dream come true.  I know it was a long process and it was well worth the effort and the wait.  I’m over the moon for you! xxoo



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    I hardly know what to say! Excited to see a post from Jenny J! Incredible salon transformation, but I’m still hung up on the fact that you have an appointment every 5 weeks! Do you know I went 19 weeks before I felt brave enough to find someone here? I usually make it about 12, but 19?!?! Pretty bad for a blonde! Love you, girl! xoxo!

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