The Color Black

Black:  [blak] adjective
1.Lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
2.The color at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite to white, absorbing all light incident upon it. 

I’m not really sure why I’m obsessing over this color lately, but I have a crush on it BIG TIME!  I’m pretty sure the problem began when I painted our back hall with black chalkboard paint.  I had no idea I would love the outcome as much as I do, and now I can’t seem to get enough.  I seriously want to paint everything in my house dark…black, charcoal, navy, dark taupe-y brown…any of those will work.

*** WARNING:  This post contains an absurd amount of pictures.  This is in attempt to not embarrass myself trying to be all smart like and explain any sort of theory behind the color black, but rather to visually show you how addicted I seem to be.  And to get Super Sabrina (who is opening a new Etsy shop any day now) off my case about posting a new blog entry already. ***

You can see here from some of the more recent of my 1814 pins that I definitely have black on the brain (um, perhaps black is not really my problem…I think The Pinterest is the problem).

And looking back through all of my pins, one would find these images:

 (well, hello there Navy Bedroom…I kinda want to marry you)

While I tend to really like rooms that are mostly black, my obsession is not limited to that.  Black sofas, black doors, black stairs, black tile, black fireplaces, even black party settings…they are just as loved.

(seriously…so gorgeous)

And just when you think I wouldn’t do a kids’ room in black, after seeing Dana’s magic in her BABY GIRLS’ nursery, I know I would do this in a heartbeat!

So seems to be I’m in love with this “lacking hue or brightness” color.  Not exactly sure what that says of me, but I’m not sure it’s bothering me either.  I did find it interesting how many images I have pinned that include a black element and I never even noticed until now.

Call me crazy, call me moody, call me uninviting, but I have my eyes set on our powder bathroom!!  Anyone else feeling the luv?

Have a good one – Jenny


  1. says

    I’ve been waiting for a post from you, Jenny J! I could tell you had black on teh brain by your pins. Through your eyes, I love it! But when I moved in to our farmhouse, the almost black room had to go. It felt like a cave and wasn’t me. You, however, could pull it off with serious style! I love your taste! xoxo!

  2. Anonymous says

    The first master bedroom that you show is absolutely gorgeous but my favorite is the bar with the high gloss paint 🙂

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