Stalking The Local Real Estate

It’s completely normal for someone who just bought a house 4 months ago to peruse the local real estate listings, right? 

No, we aren’t moving, but I do like to look “just in case”.  In case of what, I have no clue (ahem…the doctor who lives on the other side of the river who stopped by to inquire about purchasing our house…are you reading???), but it’s still fun to see what’s currently for sale.  If anything, it reinforces the purchase of our house, needed repairs and all!

Let’s start at the higher end and dream away.

How gorgeous is this Spanish style house?  Its in a very desirable neighborhood on a very nice street.  I paticularly like the finishes in the kitchen and the garage doors.

This Tudor is very charming and also in a very desirable section. I love the mature landscaping and those pretty azaleas.

I have long admired this historic house in one of the oldest neighborhoods.  I will sometimes drive out of my way just to slowly creep by the few houses in this section just to gaze at them all.  What an opportunity to own this home! I wish there were interior images.

Another very recognizable house.  I know that the family who lives here just recently renovated every inch. It’s located right across the street from the park and it was a precious sight at Halloween with many kids frolicing in the front yard.

How about we come back down to Earth and check out a few more listings.

This Spanish house we actually viewed before it was listed on the market.  We wanted it badly, but just could not make it work for our family.  I was very disappointed because to be able to buy a house already with spanish roof tiles, copper gutters and leaded glass windows was way more within my reach than to ever build a house with those finishes.  It is a GREAT house if you don’t need too much space.

And how precious is this yellow front door?!?!  Adorable.  This house is in the same neighborhood of our rent house and we LOVED living there.  Charming houses one after the other and very friendly atmosphere.  Looks like there is room out back for an office too.  Ok, so maybe I do want to move.  Oh I’m kidding. (sorta)
And this one is super cute too!  Love the exterior paint colors and the black kitchen cabinets. 

However…if my life depended on it, I’d buy this one in a heartbeat.  It’s exactly in the shape I want it which is untouched!  I’ve always bought the house that needs the most lovin’ and brought her back to life.  It has great space and a FABULOUS price.  I’d slap some white paint on the outside of that sucker, get a black metal roof and trick it out all modern farmhouse like.  Can’t you see it??

That’s a good sampling of what is out there right now.  If you want to see more in this specific area, the link to these and many others is here.  You will want to check them all out because there are some other really great ones I didn’t feature.  All the listings in Shreveport/Bossier area can be found here.  And by the way, it just so happens that my sweet friend, Lisa Hargrove, has most of these listing I mentioned here, but that was coincidence.  Lisa is one of the best, so of course she would have the best listings! 
So, who wants to be my neighbor?  I’ll make you moving day red beans and rice and cornbread.  I’ve been told it’s pretty good!
Have a great day – Jenny


  1. Lisa Pistilli says

    LOVE THIS! I look at real estate on line ALL the time ALL over the country! We just bought in VT but I still love to look! It’s fun to dream!

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