Project Inspiration

I have a friend who likes to say, “No one has a monopoly on being busy”, and she is absolutely right.  But, does anyone else feel like life is moving in fast forward?!!?!  I’m feeling a bit in that crazy-busy cycle at the moment.  I think it’s mostly the end of the school year creeping up on me that has me in a full-blown panic attack. And I know it will slow down again.  Just trying to keep up at the moment. 

Anyhoo…so, Im working on a few fun projects and need a little inspiration.  A quick look at a few things that have really caught my eye lately.  Enjoy!

Hope your life isn’t flying by at the moment. Or, if it is, I hope that you can see break in the clouds.  Carry on my friends!


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    Funny, I actually feel things slowing a bit now that the spring break hype is coming to a close. 🙂 Love your inspiration images {as always} and hope this weekend brings things down a notch for you.

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