I’m In Need Of An Intervention

Oh. My. Mercy. 

I’m completely addicted to Downton Abbey.  I know I’m extremely late to this party, and I know there are millions of similar blog posts out there, but can we just talk about it for a minute?

The scenery, the house, the costumes, the script, the actors…it’s an incredible feast for the eyes!  Thank goodness it’s Mother’s Day weekend because while I was cracking out on Season One, The Mister has been painting the laundry room (yes, a project I started and he seems to be finishing).  And my chickens think I’ve lost my mind because I can’t stop pretending we all live at Downton Abbey.

So now I need Season Two.  My supplier just hasn’t had time to watch Season Two yet (whatever).  Anyone in the greater Shreveport area have Season Two I can borrow tonight? Considering I watched Season One for seven hours straight, you’ll have it back in no time. I’m starting to shake otherwise!

So enjoy a few pics and please, do yourself a favor and go watch it now.  Heck, if you’ve already seen it, watch it again for Pete’s Sake!


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    Season Two is on Hulu Plus! You need to borrow someone’s password for it. I just watched it and it is even better than season one! Waayyy too many late nights up by myself watching it 🙂

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