I Want a Kitchen That Doesn’t Look Like a Kitchen

…or at least one that doesnt look like the everyday kitchen.  And what’s that look like you say?  Well, to me, a “non kitchen” kitchen has some of these elements below.

1.  No upper cabinets – either with or without open shelving:

2.  Antique cabinets, bookcases or factory racks used to store items you normally would in upper cabinets:
(that lantern is fabulous, no?)


3.  Pots and pans within reach, and everyday utensils clustered on the countertops:
4.  Reclaimed wood used to fabricate lower cabinets:

(I’m still trying to figure out these lower cabinets…maybe concrete frames with wood cabinet door?  Who knows, but i LOVE it)


5.  Natural light, and lots of it

 (even though this kitchen has upper cabinets, it is stunning!) 
6.  Non-standard layout:
Now let me say this…I am NOT much of a cook, so it really wouldn’t bother me if my refrigerator, cooktop and sink weren’t aligned in the perfect triangle.
 (range in front of the window adjacent to seating area)
Freestanding ranges

Even built-in or paneled, refrigerators always just look like a big box in the space to me. Yes, we all eat…and yes, I need to preserve food, but I really dont want to see my ugly refrigerator. Put it in the pantry…unless of course I could snag this beauty! Then I’d put it on my front porch for ALL to see!  Wowzers…
7.  Architectural elements
Fireplaces, stone walls…something that eludes to the fact that maybe the space you are currently using as the kitchen once wasn’t a kitchen at all?

There is much to consider- no upper cabinets, repurposing cabinets for storage, more furniture, less appliances, lots of light and a little hint to the past…that all works for me!
Um, because right now, all I got is the natural light!
What about you?
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  1. says

    Wowee you shared some drool worthy kitchens. Right now I don’t even have the natural light going for me!:(
    Love that big window off of your kitchen.
    Happy V~Day to you.

  2. Anonymous says

    gorgeous spaces! thanks for the inspiration.

    does anyone know the countertop material in the second to last photo? (white with the wood below)


  3. says

    Anon/Re – i am not positive of the countertop material, but if I were guessing, I would say it’s a quartz bc of how solid the color appears. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for stopping by – Jenny

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