I Have Yard-Fright

My littlest chicken LOVES to be outdoors and has always enjoyed planting flowers and such with me.  The former owners of our house had quite the green thumbs and because of that fact, there is always something in bloom in our yard, which leads to an almost daily gathering of flowers for Tot.  I’d say she’s pretty good and putting them together, huh?

But no matter how many blooms there are out there, it’s an old garden in need of major attention and currently making me feel claustrophobic.  And guess who doesn’t have the first clue how to go about giving it the proper attention it needs!  I’d like to think that I have all the time and desire in the world to play around out there everyday (because that’s what it would require), but honestly, I don’t.  I like to plant flower pots and perhaps tackle a small bed or two, but 1.13 acres scares the fire out of me!!  It’s too hot really to do any major work to it right now, so I’ll just keep everything alive in the mean time.  Perhaps the fall will bring fresh eyes and courage. Who knows, hopefully one day we can add a pool similar to this.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Simple and perfect!

Oh, and while we’re at it, I’d like this little walkway down to the pool, ok?  Thanks.

Until that day comes, anyone have any tips how to go about tacking a maintenance job of this size?  I really just need the majority of it cleaned up and trimmed back.  Then I could consider reworking a few of the beds closer to the house, especially on the front of the house. Has anyone ever DIY-ed this size yard with little or no paid labor helpers?  Would love to know any secrets.  I’m guessing good old blood, sweat and tears is going to be the answer…
Have a great week – Jenny

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