French Major

I have a dream…

I have a dream of having my own office space. 
I have a dream of having my own office space that is not located in my house. 
I have a dream of having my own office space that is not in my house, but is still convenient. 
And free. 
With lots of natural light and legitimate storage.
And pretty.

Hmmm…something is ringing a bell.

These two outbuildings sit at the end of our property. They are in desperate need of TLC and not pretty. And unless you count the baby owl that dived bombed me from the rafters of the greenhouse yesterday, I’m not sure when the last time the cabin was inhabited since it was built in 1937.

Currently the greenhouse is fronting as free storage of my un-diagnosed hoarding tendency purchases. It’s the worst of the two buildings. 

The cabin is in a tad bit better shape, but can’t be used as is. It has a bedroom, a full bath and a nice big workshop. I always wonder about who might have lived there before.  It too is full, but of the Mr.’s tools and such that he uses every single day. I just can’t keep him out of there. I beg him to come spend time with me and the children, but he’s just out there in his own little world. We miss him terribly. It’s a sad situation.

Since I’ve got these two buildings, I think I ought to used them in a better way. Agree?

And so begins Operation “Get-Jenny’s-Stuff-Outta-The-Greenhouse-So-I-Can-Move-The-Mr.’s-Stuff-Outta-The-Cabin-And-Into-The-Greenhouse-So-I-Can-Turn-The-Cabin-Into-Jenny’s-Office-And-Guest-House”.

And just like that, French Major has been brought back to life!

French Major, in the past, has been my little pretend way of playing shopkeeper.  And a way to justify said hoarding tendency purchases.  I took a little break from it about 2 years ago when I really did think the TV show producers might show up on my doorstep.  But we are back in action now!  This time taking up residence at Timeline Antiques. I’ve spent the better part of three days getting it all ready for your retail therapy sessions this weekend.  Come and check it out in person.  There are many new dealers as well and lots of good finds!

Timeline Antiques is located at 3323 Line Avenue in Shreveport, LA.  Open Monday-Saturday from 10-5.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and weekend!


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