Do you know Aldo?

Aldo Bernardi, that is…

This is Aldo Bernardi:

And so is this:

And so is this:

I had the pleasure of specifying Aldo Bernardi lighting for a project in Crested Butte.  When it came time to select the lighting fixtures for the kitchen, we ran into a road block of sorts…and a concrete road block to boot!  You see, this 1970’s condo was in need of desperate renovation and the kitchen was dimly lit.  We needed to add as much light as we could, but a concrete ceiling was going to prove that to be a difficult task.  So, I contacted Jill Brown (if you are in Houston and havent heard of her fabulous store, Brown, you might want to check your pulse) to see if she could custom make pretty, exposed conduit that I could track around the space and add lights where needed.  Regretfully she said no, but only because she didnt need to custom make it…she had that source available already through Aldo Bernardi!  Whew!!

And y’all, this stuff is so incredible and was exactly what I needed for the project.  But what is equally as fabulous is Carol Ollier, the distributor for Aldo Bernardi.  Carol and her husband, Aak, are delightful and helped every step of the way, even when there was an installation problem.  They interpreted my crazy chicken scratch and suggested the items needed to make the grid.  It’s a wonderful line and I am hoping to use it again soon!

From this…oh my goodness, be so afraid

Via this:


And when I win that lottery, I think I want these for my front porch:

For info on ordering Aldo Bernardi, please contact me above…happy to help!

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