This Shreveport girl, who was born and raised in Houston and whose heart will always be in that humid, mosquito infested, concrete heaven that it is, would NEVER go around claiming that the Big D has somehow taken over the ranking of my top Texas city.  I’m pretty loyal to my roots, so no need to worry, promise.

However, Dallas Rocks Jewelry Auctions, does indeed rock, and rightfully so because it is the brainchild behind my super fly cousin and her equally stylish friend.  

I’m sure you have all seen this new format of online auctions taking place on the Facebook, right?  Well this is no different in that aspect, but what is different is the price point and the selection.  I mean seriously…I bought this ring at last week’s auction for $17!

And here are a few items that will be up for sale TONITE (9/18) – check it out!

And this is just a small sampling of what they will have tonite.  They typically post between 20 and 30 items for each auction.

So here is what you do (because you know that I know that you want to join in the fun):

-Go to their FB page here and like them
-A little before 8:30 pm CST, go directly to their page and get ready (you can view from your news feed too, but the pics might get lost in all your other friends’ updates)
-As soon as they post a picture of something you want, comment with the word “ROCK” followed by your email address.  

And more than likely, the item is yours!  There are limited quantities of each item (which is noted with the price), and with the number of people all on their page at the same time, you might not see that other people are “ROCK”-ing as well.  So you need not delay.  If you want it, you better do it as soon as you see it.  Got it?

After all pictures have been posted, they will remain on the feed for a set time, and then they are gone. The winners list will be posted, the invoices sent out the next day, and your rocks shipped out shortly there after.  Easy as pie!

Shipping is FREE, and if you don’t have the pleasure of living in the greatest state in the Union (that would be Texas), your sadness will be eased by not having to pay sales tax.  We Texans are cool like that!

So I better see you all online tonite and every Tuesday after that, ok?  And do me a favor, when you like their page today, drop Mel and Jeanne a note that I sent you.

Rock On – Jenny

PS – a little tip…you have to refresh the page to see the new posts. It doesn’t update automatically and you don’t want to miss anything.  I refreshed mine constantly last week.


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