I Want a Kitchen That Doesn’t Look Like a Kitchen

…or at least one that doesnt look like the everyday kitchen.  And what’s that look like you say?  Well, to me, a “non kitchen” kitchen has some of these elements below.

1.  No upper cabinets – either with or without open shelving:

2.  Antique cabinets, bookcases or factory racks used to store items you normally would in upper cabinets:
(that lantern is fabulous, no?)


3.  Pots and pans within reach, and everyday utensils clustered on the countertops:
4.  Reclaimed wood used to fabricate lower cabinets:

(I’m still trying to figure out these lower cabinets…maybe concrete frames with wood cabinet door?  Who knows, but i LOVE it)


5.  Natural light, and lots of it

 (even though this kitchen has upper cabinets, it is stunning!) 
6.  Non-standard layout:
Now let me say this…I am NOT much of a cook, so it really wouldn’t bother me if my refrigerator, cooktop and sink weren’t aligned in the perfect triangle.
 (range in front of the window adjacent to seating area)
Freestanding ranges

Even built-in or paneled, refrigerators always just look like a big box in the space to me. Yes, we all eat…and yes, I need to preserve food, but I really dont want to see my ugly refrigerator. Put it in the pantry…unless of course I could snag this beauty! Then I’d put it on my front porch for ALL to see!  Wowzers…
7.  Architectural elements
Fireplaces, stone walls…something that eludes to the fact that maybe the space you are currently using as the kitchen once wasn’t a kitchen at all?

There is much to consider- no upper cabinets, repurposing cabinets for storage, more furniture, less appliances, lots of light and a little hint to the past…that all works for me!
Um, because right now, all I got is the natural light!
What about you?
(Sources here)

Do you know Aldo?

Aldo Bernardi, that is…

This is Aldo Bernardi:

And so is this:

And so is this:

I had the pleasure of specifying Aldo Bernardi lighting for a project in Crested Butte.  When it came time to select the lighting fixtures for the kitchen, we ran into a road block of sorts…and a concrete road block to boot!  You see, this 1970’s condo was in need of desperate renovation and the kitchen was dimly lit.  We needed to add as much light as we could, but a concrete ceiling was going to prove that to be a difficult task.  So, I contacted Jill Brown (if you are in Houston and havent heard of her fabulous store, Brown, you might want to check your pulse) to see if she could custom make pretty, exposed conduit that I could track around the space and add lights where needed.  Regretfully she said no, but only because she didnt need to custom make it…she had that source available already through Aldo Bernardi!  Whew!!

And y’all, this stuff is so incredible and was exactly what I needed for the project.  But what is equally as fabulous is Carol Ollier, the distributor for Aldo Bernardi.  Carol and her husband, Aak, are delightful and helped every step of the way, even when there was an installation problem.  They interpreted my crazy chicken scratch and suggested the items needed to make the grid.  It’s a wonderful line and I am hoping to use it again soon!

From this…oh my goodness, be so afraid

Via this:


And when I win that lottery, I think I want these for my front porch:

For info on ordering Aldo Bernardi, please contact me above…happy to help!

Have a great weekend!


I read an article recently about a winning $14m Iowa Lottery ticket that is being forfeited for reasons related to the owners not being identified, to a lawyer for the trust that supposedly holds the ticket, but perhaps he’s in some tax trouble of his own???  Honestly, I really didn’t understand all the legal jargon.  Its more likely that I didn’t understand the reasons for the forfeiture because I couldn’t get past the thought of “what would I do if I won $14m”!!  Sure $14m isn’t the biggest lottery ever, but it still got me playing that all-too-familiar “what if” game we all know so well.  I’ll daydream all day about what I would do with a windfall, and after I go through all the motions, I usually come back to the idea of buying or building a house.  Because,I love houses.

But then ensues the onslaught of questions of what kind of house?  Where would it be?  Would it be my main residence or a vacation home?  Those questions have me daydreaming even more than dreaming about what I would do with the money.  And don’t even get me started on the interiors.  I can pretty much only handle dreaming about the exterior.  The interiors of my dream house would have me in a tail spin!

Now we all know that a $14m lottery winning doesn’t actually put that same amount in your pocket.  And yes, I would be responsible and pay the taxes, tithe the proper amount to our church, pay off what we need to, set up retirement savings, etc and be left with approximately zero dollars, but we are daydreaming, right?  So for the sake of argument, let’s just play along like we have a decent sum to spend and we can choose any location, OK?

So let’s dream…what would I buy or build if I could have anything my little heart desired?

Would it be a house at the beach?  Oh 30a, how I love thee…

Would it be a house in the mountains?  You are so fabulous I can barely stand it!

Possibly a house on a lake?  I do love me some dock-sittin’

What if it didn’t necessarily pertain to location?  What if it were just a certain style of house?

Would it be a beautiful, traditional home? 

Would it be a farmhouse?

Would it be an ultra sleek house?  For me, YES, in a heart beat…probably not for The Mister though.

How about stone or stucco?  This house was the inspiration for my logo (thank you Emily Ley)

A house in the city?  Please and thank you!

A beauty in The Hamptons?

Oh, i just don’t know, y’all…there are just too many choices and I cant imagine that I would ever be able to decide!!  Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t won.  Heaven knows I couldn’t handle all the decisions! I could though make those decisions for someone else ALL.DAY.LONG.  If my life depended on making a decision, I feel quite sure whatever style or location, the architecture would lean more modern.  Something very different than The Little Stone House.

So what about you?  What would you do with a $14m winning?  Do play along…it’s fun!

{Sources can be found through my Outside Spaces board on Pinterest here}

Today’s Pinterest Favorites

These two stopped me in my tracks today!

  Plank walls, flagstone floors, fabulous wall arrangement…not to mention my favorite color combo at the moment, black and white and gold.
Since my new house is in desperate need of a kitchen overhaul, most gorgeous kitchens like this one have me daydreaming of a non-blue one.  Lime-washed wood ceiling, pendant lights, white marble countertops.  Its so beautiful (and not blue)!

Hi there…

Well, this is something new…and honestly y’all, i have no clue what I’m doing!  So please forgive me.  I am NOT a writer and this is certainly making me step out of my comfort zone indeed.  Just wanted a place to showcase my work and share design related inspiration and finds.  Hope to be fairly regular in posting new entries, but don’t hold me to it, OK?  Once I learn the ropes here, I’ll post a real entry!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!