The New Joseph Guin Salon

I don’t consider myself much of a fashionista. I love to shop just as much as the next girl, but I’d rather be looking for the perfect mirror or a great old rug instead. I certainly appreciate beautiful clothes, I just don’t naturally want to spend my money there.

I might not be known as much of a beauty queen either. I think I’m still recovering from unfortunate hair styles and lipstick colors I chose to sport in my youth. Truly cringe-worthy. And although I love a mani/pedi, I have a hard time finding time to regularly go.

It’s apparent I need to find middle ground.

But the one thing I never ever ever miss is my hair appointment. It comes around every five weeks and I may have skipped chaperoning school field trips before because it was time for me to go see Joey.

I met Joey when I moved to Shreveport almost 7 years ago. My first friend here introduced me to him and I knew immediately he was the guy for me. Since then, Joey and I have become good friends. I suppose that happens often with your hair guy.  But more than what he does for my hair, I truly adore him. Joey is wise, witty, kind, has the most unique laugh, and loyal to a fault. 

And he always smells good.

We have also always enjoyed talking business stuff with each other. He’s kinda smart when it comes to that as well. When he told me about an old building in downtown Shreveport he bought and planned to renovate as a new location for his salon, I might have been more excited than he was!

Over the past 12 months, 711 Texas Street has been completely transformed. This historic building, formerly a grocery, a bank and more recently an extremely ugly office building is now the new location for the Jospeh Guin Salon. And y’all, it’s pretty fantastic!  Check it out!


Aside from a few overgrown bushes and a bit of an un-inviting front door, not too much changed on the outside.

The inside was a different story…it was dreadful.


HOORAY!!  Brick walls!


Isn’t it incredible?  I venture to say there’s not much else like it in The Shreve!

With more square footage, there is now space for 8 stylists, as well as an aesthetician and a massage therapist.  Lots of new faces for all you men downtown to walk in for a cut.  Mamas who are used to the former location in the heart of our stomping grounds, it took me seven, SEVEN, minutes to drive downtown last week.  It was no biggie, promise.  And if you just feel like taking a look for yourself, an open house is scheduled for this Friday beginning at 6:30.  They would love to show you around!

The new salon can be reached at 318.865.2525 and is located at the southeast corner of Common and Texas.  There is always reserved parking in the parking lot adjacent to the building.  Look for the signs.

Joey – you have worked your tail off making the dream come true.  I know it was a long process and it was well worth the effort and the wait.  I’m over the moon for you! xxoo


Triple Dog Dare Ya!

I had a super fun meeting with a client and her husband today at his office.  His office is undergoing a little transformation and they asked me to help select new wallcovering, flooring and paint colors.  The changes they are making are subtle, but will really elevate the entire space.

During the walk thru, he showed me the kitchen.  It’s pretty small, but not terrible.  They are not fond of the floor at all, so that can definitely change.  Cabinet hardware and dated wallpaper can change too, thankfully.  Beyond those few areas, they didn’t really ask for any other suggestions except a new paint color for what little walls are in the space.  I’m fairly certain he didn’t ask for the following suggestion, but this is what he got, because I typically can’t keep my mouth shut when I’m excited about something:

him: “I’d like to bring some color into the kitchen.  Can we paint the walls?”

me: “Well, there really isn’t much wall space in here.  Doing that might make it feel a little choppy. What if the lacquer the whole space?  And what about a dark, moody navy color?”

him:  “Everything”

me:  “Yes, everything but the counter top, floor and backsplash. It would be so awesome!”

him:  “So everything would be navy?”

me:  “Practically.  It would be super cool.  Kind of glamorous.  Kind of modern.  Kind of out of your box. It would be fantastic!”

him:  “It’s all blue?”

And then just imagine a few more exchanges like the above where he stood stoically, taking it all in while I continued to spew superlatives at him like I was in 8th grade again.

And then, crickets…

So since I had not come to the meeting prepared to throw at him my crazy ideas, I emailed him the following pictures.

I know this look is not new, but does anyone else think I’ve lost my mind to suggest this to him?  I know I would do this in a heartbeat in my own house.  I love small, funky, spaces to test the waters.  Plus, I think I’m still crushing on this “lacking hue or brightness” color.

They are still pondering the idea and there is probably a bigger chance we won’t do it, and that is ok.  I completely get it.  They work there everyday, not me.  I just love it though when clients are willing to make bold design moves.

So what about you?  Any space in your home or office where you’d be willing to step out of your box?  Or would that one space just make you crazy…just can’t go there…afraid you couldn’t go back?  What ultimately holds you back?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Friday, yall!

French Major

I have a dream…

I have a dream of having my own office space. 
I have a dream of having my own office space that is not located in my house. 
I have a dream of having my own office space that is not in my house, but is still convenient. 
And free. 
With lots of natural light and legitimate storage.
And pretty.

Hmmm…something is ringing a bell.

These two outbuildings sit at the end of our property. They are in desperate need of TLC and not pretty. And unless you count the baby owl that dived bombed me from the rafters of the greenhouse yesterday, I’m not sure when the last time the cabin was inhabited since it was built in 1937.

Currently the greenhouse is fronting as free storage of my un-diagnosed hoarding tendency purchases. It’s the worst of the two buildings. 

The cabin is in a tad bit better shape, but can’t be used as is. It has a bedroom, a full bath and a nice big workshop. I always wonder about who might have lived there before.  It too is full, but of the Mr.’s tools and such that he uses every single day. I just can’t keep him out of there. I beg him to come spend time with me and the children, but he’s just out there in his own little world. We miss him terribly. It’s a sad situation.

Since I’ve got these two buildings, I think I ought to used them in a better way. Agree?

And so begins Operation “Get-Jenny’s-Stuff-Outta-The-Greenhouse-So-I-Can-Move-The-Mr.’s-Stuff-Outta-The-Cabin-And-Into-The-Greenhouse-So-I-Can-Turn-The-Cabin-Into-Jenny’s-Office-And-Guest-House”.

And just like that, French Major has been brought back to life!

French Major, in the past, has been my little pretend way of playing shopkeeper.  And a way to justify said hoarding tendency purchases.  I took a little break from it about 2 years ago when I really did think the TV show producers might show up on my doorstep.  But we are back in action now!  This time taking up residence at Timeline Antiques. I’ve spent the better part of three days getting it all ready for your retail therapy sessions this weekend.  Come and check it out in person.  There are many new dealers as well and lots of good finds!

Timeline Antiques is located at 3323 Line Avenue in Shreveport, LA.  Open Monday-Saturday from 10-5.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and weekend!



This Shreveport girl, who was born and raised in Houston and whose heart will always be in that humid, mosquito infested, concrete heaven that it is, would NEVER go around claiming that the Big D has somehow taken over the ranking of my top Texas city.  I’m pretty loyal to my roots, so no need to worry, promise.

However, Dallas Rocks Jewelry Auctions, does indeed rock, and rightfully so because it is the brainchild behind my super fly cousin and her equally stylish friend.  

I’m sure you have all seen this new format of online auctions taking place on the Facebook, right?  Well this is no different in that aspect, but what is different is the price point and the selection.  I mean seriously…I bought this ring at last week’s auction for $17!

And here are a few items that will be up for sale TONITE (9/18) – check it out!

And this is just a small sampling of what they will have tonite.  They typically post between 20 and 30 items for each auction.

So here is what you do (because you know that I know that you want to join in the fun):

-Go to their FB page here and like them
-A little before 8:30 pm CST, go directly to their page and get ready (you can view from your news feed too, but the pics might get lost in all your other friends’ updates)
-As soon as they post a picture of something you want, comment with the word “ROCK” followed by your email address.  

And more than likely, the item is yours!  There are limited quantities of each item (which is noted with the price), and with the number of people all on their page at the same time, you might not see that other people are “ROCK”-ing as well.  So you need not delay.  If you want it, you better do it as soon as you see it.  Got it?

After all pictures have been posted, they will remain on the feed for a set time, and then they are gone. The winners list will be posted, the invoices sent out the next day, and your rocks shipped out shortly there after.  Easy as pie!

Shipping is FREE, and if you don’t have the pleasure of living in the greatest state in the Union (that would be Texas), your sadness will be eased by not having to pay sales tax.  We Texans are cool like that!

So I better see you all online tonite and every Tuesday after that, ok?  And do me a favor, when you like their page today, drop Mel and Jeanne a note that I sent you.

Rock On – Jenny

PS – a little tip…you have to refresh the page to see the new posts. It doesn’t update automatically and you don’t want to miss anything.  I refreshed mine constantly last week.

The Color Black

Black:  [blak] adjective
1.Lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
2.The color at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite to white, absorbing all light incident upon it. 

I’m not really sure why I’m obsessing over this color lately, but I have a crush on it BIG TIME!  I’m pretty sure the problem began when I painted our back hall with black chalkboard paint.  I had no idea I would love the outcome as much as I do, and now I can’t seem to get enough.  I seriously want to paint everything in my house dark…black, charcoal, navy, dark taupe-y brown…any of those will work.

*** WARNING:  This post contains an absurd amount of pictures.  This is in attempt to not embarrass myself trying to be all smart like and explain any sort of theory behind the color black, but rather to visually show you how addicted I seem to be.  And to get Super Sabrina (who is opening a new Etsy shop any day now) off my case about posting a new blog entry already. ***

You can see here from some of the more recent of my 1814 pins that I definitely have black on the brain (um, perhaps black is not really my problem…I think The Pinterest is the problem).

And looking back through all of my pins, one would find these images:

 (well, hello there Navy Bedroom…I kinda want to marry you)

While I tend to really like rooms that are mostly black, my obsession is not limited to that.  Black sofas, black doors, black stairs, black tile, black fireplaces, even black party settings…they are just as loved.

(seriously…so gorgeous)

And just when you think I wouldn’t do a kids’ room in black, after seeing Dana’s magic in her BABY GIRLS’ nursery, I know I would do this in a heartbeat!

So seems to be I’m in love with this “lacking hue or brightness” color.  Not exactly sure what that says of me, but I’m not sure it’s bothering me either.  I did find it interesting how many images I have pinned that include a black element and I never even noticed until now.

Call me crazy, call me moody, call me uninviting, but I have my eyes set on our powder bathroom!!  Anyone else feeling the luv?

Have a good one – Jenny