A Passion for Pillows

It’s true…we pretty much love pillows over here at JJI.  They are always one of the first components we consider when putting together a design concept for our clients. Every project needs a starting point, and 9 times out of 10, it’s the pillow fabric that points me in a certain direction.  Then I have to talk incessantly about it until my incredible assistant, Laurie, wants to claw her eyes out.

“So let’s use this fabric for the sofa, this fabric for the chairs and we HAVE to use this fabric for the pillows.  Oh my gosh, look how good that looks.  It’s because of that pillow fabric.  Ok done…that’s it.  Hmm, hold on.  Would that look good in my Living Room?  Oh my gosh, I have to have this.  Right now.  Because look how good it looks.”

Poor Laurie.  

On the other hand, they are typically the last piece of the puzzle to actually write up and send over to our incredible seamstress, Angela.  That’s either because I work best under pressure, or because I like to have 99.9% of all the other decisions made and out of the way so I can really concentrate on the pillows.  Because do you know how many options there are for the design and details of pillows?  Trust me, there’s a lot. We don’t skimp on the details AT ALL, and every pillows is custom designed, so they take a while.  They are always worth the wait though. 

Right now we are in the middle of finalizing a few pillows designs for a client’s Master Bedroom, and about to start up on some more for a playroom.  While looking through my Pillow board for inspiration, I also thought to consider looking back at some of our past designs.  Although we don’t like to duplicate ourselves from project to project, it’s always fun to reminisce.

And a few of our all-time favorites

All of our full-service projects include custom-designed pillows, but we can also design and fabricate pillows for you through our hourly Consultations.  New pillows are a great way to bring a fresh look to your existing space.  Be in touch if you would like more information.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


PS – For even more inspiration, check out Laurie’s Pillow Project board.  My good friend, Holly’s website also has tons of great ideas. 

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